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Wellness with Janina Church
October 2nd, 2013

Date Nut Bliss Bites


Try these delicious little bites next time your sweet tooth starts up. Dates, nuts and ghee are all sattvic (blissful) foods. Dates are also high in fiber, vitamin a, potassium, rich in calcium, magnesium and are considered an aphrodisiac in yoga cooking…Ooh La La!



Date Nut Bliss Bites

1/2 cup pitted chopped dates

1/2 cup raw unsalted nuts (try walnuts, almonds or cashews)

1 tablespoon melted ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil

1/4 tsp cardamom

1/3 cup dried unsweetened shredded dried coconut

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)

1. Chop dates in a food processor or blender, add nuts and ghee. Blend into a paste. It’s okay if the paste is a little chunky, they will still taste good.

2. Remove from food processor, roll into 1 inch balls and roll in coconut or cocoa powder

***Get creative! Hand mix 1/4 cup goji berries or dried cranberries into paste before rolling out or try toasting coconut before coating the bites. Skip the coating step by adding the coconut into the date/nut paste.***

With coconut covered love,


September 25th, 2013

Gentle yoga for Immune system

For today’s offering I have a gentle yoga routine to help support your immune system. Complete with side bends, forward bends, neck stretches, chest expansion, inner leg stretches and relaxing inversions, these postures massage and assist lymph drainage. Chest tapping stimulates the thymus gland, responsible for transforming lymphocytes (white blood cells made in the bone marrow) into T cells which play an important part in fighting diseases and infection.

The video is less than 5 minutes long, though you can certainly spend a little more time in each pose-as long as you are feeling comfortable and safe. ***Remember to breathe, be gentle and listen to your body!***

In wellness and love,





Disclaimer: Yoga and Ayurveda are complimentary practices to western medicine and are NOT intended to replace your medical professional's treatment or advice. Janina Church is not a medical doctor.Please check with your medical doctor before making any changes in your diet or lifestyle regarding your health.
June 2nd, 2013

Yoga Community Hike


Land of Medicine Buddha

Yoga Community Hike

 Saturday June 8th 10:30 am

Join me and your fellow yoga mates for a stroll in this serene and sacred environment

Carpooling available

Here are directions and info to LMB

Contact Janina


May 1st, 2013

Cooking for Bliss Workshop



/blis/ n. The state of utter happiness; great joy; contentment

Much like a good yoga class, good food has the potential to heal, nourish and leave you feeling easeful and content. Join us for an evening of hands on cooking and Ayurveda wisdom. Learn how to keep your body, mind and soul balanced through seasonal eating and gain awareness of the energies and healing qualities of foods. Together we will prepare and eat a vegetarian meal that is balancing, satisfying, healing and full of bliss!

Saturday May 18th, 2013

5:30 pm – 8:00pm

New Leaf Community Market Classroom Kitchen – Westside

$35.00 per person

For more information call or text


In wellness and love~

Janina and Katie

April 30th, 2013

Join me for a nurturing class!


My classes balance fluid Vinyasa style movement with Iyengar based alignment principles. With plenty of emphasis on the breath, I guide you through stretches to help you relax, build strength and feel renewed. My heart centered classes change with the seasons allowing you to stay attuned to the rhythms of nature and tap in to the rhythm of your own your own body.

April 12th, 2013


Restorative Yoga


This summer…

Relax     Release      Renew

Restorative yoga is designed to reduce stress and bring the body into a blissful state of relaxation. The entire class is done on the floor while your body is completely supported by blankets, bolsters and pillows. Add an eye pillow and it’s off to la la land…

Six week class series starts June 19th

at the Capitola Community Center

for more information

Call 831-239-2673

Be well!

March 26th, 2012

Finding our Duty or Dharma

The word duty has been on my mind for a while now…

In vedic philosophy one of the four aims of life is Dharma. Dharma means duty or life’s  purpose. It is our duty to realize ourselves and move forth into the world existing in our true and unique natures. Therefore creating harmony from within. When we are in a harmonious state of being, it is only then that we can create harmony around us.

Nobody can tell us what our dharma is, we must find it on our own. For some, their dharmic path is perfectly clear from the beginning, but for others, it can be hard to find or accept.

We live in a world where the media bombards us with misguided ideas of who we need to be. As women, we are expected to be skinny, big breasted, feminine, fertile, sexy, have hairless and flawless skin, be mothers, amazing house keepers, obedient wives and at the same time be educated and strong enough to hold our ground with the men in the workforce so that we can also be wealthy. Essentially, we are expected to be everything on the spectrum of society! We often feel we have to live up to these ridiculous expectations in order to be worthy and can spend our time seeking an unrealistic state of nonhuman perfection.

It is not just the media that imposes it’s expectations upon us. Our fellow humans do it too.  For example:

Not too long ago, I had to make clear personal boundaries be known to an individual. This person told me that how I was dealing with this social situation was not very yogic of me (mind you, this individual does not practice yoga much) and how could I call myself yoga teacher and have these kind of boundaries?  I imagine that their vision of a yoga teacher is some saint like, celestial being that emanates light, wisdom, levitates, has telepathic powers and nothing and no one can harm them. I guess as a yoga teacher, I am supposed to be perfectly nonhuman. Sadly, this nonhuman idea of yoga teachers was probably imposed on this person by the media and they didn’t even know it. Silly humans, not only do we have our own crazy expectations of ourselves, but we have the audacity to place unrealistic expectations on others. No wonder finding our dharma can be so hard!

A dear friend of mine once told me that in order to find peace, we must realize that that we are not a reflection of our society.  We are divine light that needs no reflection to exist. When we stop functioning in the reflection, we see our truth. The truth is our dharma.




January 25th, 2012

Winter Ayurveda Workshop

Join me for some Ayurveda wisdom and soul cooking!

Together we will prepare, cook and eat a simple delicious vegetarian meal that is soothing for the body mind and spirit. Learn which foods, herbs and yoga postures can help keep us balanced and nurtured through the rest of the winter.

Saturday February 4th



For details contact


January 24th, 2012

Sound Therapy-Mantra

Mantra ~ Any word, sound or saying capable of creating healing.

There are two levels of healing in Ayurveda (science of life): the physical and the mental. Both levels are connected and seek to balance Prana (life force) one from without and one from within. Sound therapy (mantra) is one of the mental healing modalities of Ayurveda.

Literally mantra means “that which protects the mind”. In the west, mantra can be compared to positive affirmations. Mantras are ancient verses designed to illuminate the consciousness.

Last week I had the honor of studying with two gifted teachers of yoga, Stephanie and Adi. During which I was introduced to this mantra. I love the simplicity of the translation. Every day we are faced with obstacles of being human. This mantra serves as a reminder to ourselves to make positive choices and continue on the path of self love.

Asato Ma Sadgamaya Mantra

Lead us from the unreal to the real

From darkness to light

From the poison to the nectar.



December 31st, 2011

New Years and Intentions

New Years Eve is upon us.

Tonight many of us will reflect on the past year and make resolutions to make shifts in our reality for a better New Year to come. Often these resolutions are filled with high expectations, emotions and are driven by the mind. Sometimes we can become hyper focused on achieving these goals and lose touch with our hearts and our true nature.

Resolutions can be so narrow and rigid. Which goes against the nature of my free spirited vata mind. Instead, I make New Year intentions. These intentions are ideas from the heart. I set out an idea of a way of living or existing that moves me toward what I would like to create. I find this New Years Intention thinking is so much more broad, open ended and well…fun! When I open up to this intention thinking, it releases the stress of expectations (and I am all about reducing stress) and then I am not down on myself if I fail to achieve the expectations. I find that what I get is more what I need than what I want. Kind of like that Rolling Stones song-” You get what you need! ” This getting what we NEED always comes as a surprise, and that’s what makes it fun. Often the surprise is more beautiful a discovery than what my thinking mind had asked for.

So today I ask you to explore the idea of intentions. Lighten your load of expectations.

What is your New Years Intention?

Love and Light~