I have been meaning to get to this project for a while now…

I spied a package of reusable tea bags at my local market some time ago, but just haven’t got around to making some of my own. While shopping the other day, I saw them again. This time they were along side a package of reusable coffee filters. Reluctantly buying my box of paper cone coffee filters, I vowed that this would be my last purchase of this kind. So while dinner was cooking, I pulled out my serger, some muslin and whipped some up. Finally!

Make some!


You will need:


scissors or pinking shears

chalk or fabric maker

a sewing machine or serger or needle and thread

paper coffee filter

Coffee filters:

Take the muslin and fold it in half. You will be using a paper coffee filter for your pattern, so place it on top of the doubled muslin. Then trace the shape of the filter. I traced mine a little bigger because the filters I had were # 2 sized filters and I wanted to make mine #4.

Cut out the pattern.

Sew up the side seams leaving the curved edge open. I used my serger for this step. If you are not using a serger, cutting the pattern out with pinking shears will help prevent fraying. But don’t worry if you don’t use pinking shears, muslin frays rather neatly.


Here is the seam of one I sewed on my sewing machine. I used a zig zag stitch.


Use the filter with the finished seams on the inside so you don’t get coffee grinds stuck in the raw seams. Enjoy!


Tea Bags:

The tea bags I made are pretty straight forward. The ones I spotted at the store were much smaller and had cute little draw strings to keep the tea inside. Like these. I was short on time and well, frankly am pretty lazy when it comes to details. So I cut 4×4 squares out of the muslin and serged the seams up.


To keep the tea inside, just tie a knot on top.