So about 12 days ago I signed up for The Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge. I thought, “No sweat.  Challenge? No. This should be fun! I usually sit for a few minutes every morning after my breathing exercises anyway…”

So this is how it goes:

Each day for 21 days, you listen to a guided meditation for about 2-3 minutes and then are left for about 10-12 minutes listening to new age music, diving into your subconscious and swimming around in your stuff. SCAREY! Not fun. Well maybe a little. This is how it’s been so far…

Day 1: “Wow that was SO relaxing. Is that it? I don’t know Depak…”

Day 2: “Ooh. A little more to chew on thanks D.”

Day 3:  “Wow.”

Day 4: “Ouch.”

Day 5: (whining) “Depak made me cry.”

Day 6: “Okay…that was weird.”

Day 7: “Yes. Good.”

Day 8: “What???!!!”

Day 9: “I think I need a couple days off to soak this up.”

Day 10: “geeezzz…No really, I need to go clean the chicken coop or something…”

Day 11: Inhale

Day 12: Exhale

On and on it goes. Where it stops? WHO KNOWS?

Next time they have this challenge, and your looking to do some house keeping…may I suggest signing up for it. It’s good stuff and it’s free.

Be well my friends~