Mantra ~ Any word, sound or saying capable of creating healing.

There are two levels of healing in Ayurveda (science of life): the physical and the mental. Both levels are connected and seek to balance Prana (life force) one from without and one from within. Sound therapy (mantra) is one of the mental healing modalities of Ayurveda.

Literally mantra means “that which protects the mind”. In the west, mantra can be compared to positive affirmations. Mantras are ancient verses designed to illuminate the consciousness.

Last week I had the honor of studying with two gifted teachers of yoga, Stephanie and Adi. During which I was introduced to this mantra. I love the simplicity of the translation. Every day we are faced with obstacles of being human. This mantra serves as a reminder to ourselves to make positive choices and continue on the path of self love.

Asato Ma Sadgamaya Mantra

Lead us from the unreal to the real

From darkness to light

From the poison to the nectar.