New Years Eve is upon us.

Tonight many of us will reflect on the past year and make resolutions to make shifts in our reality for a better New Year to come. Often these resolutions are filled with high expectations, emotions and are driven by the mind. Sometimes we can become hyper focused on achieving these goals and lose touch with our hearts and our true nature.

Resolutions can be so narrow and rigid. Which goes against the nature of my free spirited vata mind. Instead, I make New Year intentions. These intentions are ideas from the heart. I set out an idea of a way of living or existing that moves me toward what I would like to create. I find this New Years Intention thinking is so much more broad, open ended and well…fun! When I open up to this intention thinking, it releases the stress of expectations (and I am all about reducing stress) and then I am not down on myself if I fail to achieve the expectations. I find that what I get is more what I need than what I want. Kind of like that Rolling Stones song-” You get what you need! ” This getting what we NEED always comes as a surprise, and that’s what makes it fun. Often the surprise is more beautiful a discovery than what my thinking mind had asked for.

So today I ask you to explore the idea of intentions. Lighten your load of expectations.

What is your New Years Intention?

Love and Light~