A while back I had the honor of studying with Dr. Vivek Shanbhag. Truly a passionate, gifted and inspiring doctor of Ayurveda. The  light of his teachings will shine within me forever.

Every morning before our studies we would chant mantra, and every evening after class we would again chant mantra. One day we chanted Gayathri mantra. Gayathri has always been my favorite mantra, and have heard many translations of it. All just as beautiful as the next…but his translation was so moving, so whole…it spoke directly to my heart as mantras should. Here is his translation:

Gayathri (guy-ah-tree)

I salute the earth, the sky and the sun, stars, galaxies, the universe and universal consciousness which energizes and operates this universe.

I invoke the universal consciousness to inspire and energize my individual consciousness.

Hari Om